Spotlight Profiling
It’s all about moving

Spotlight helps people and teams play to their strengths, adapt to ever changing contexts and develop people towards excellence in business, life and sport.

By understanding your Spotlight profile, you can gain insight into:

  • Your personal “Performance Preferences
  • How you can reignite your major motivations in work, life and sport
  • What your primary strengths are and when to draw from them more often
  • Where your strengths may be being overplayed and turning into weaknesses
  • The likely blind spots in how you respond to challenges
  • How you come to make decisions which may mean you neglect alternative view points
  • Your strengths in the face of setbacks and adversities and how you could proactively develop your resilience

Spotlight profiling isn’t about putting people into boxes.  It’s about encouraging adaptation in today’s dynamic and fast changing environments.

Behavioural Style and Mindset

Spotlight is a personality profiling tool designed with performance in mind. It is based on the science of psychology, along with decades worth of experience in elite sport.

Spotlight allows us to establish where a person sits in terms of their mindset and behavioural style.

What successful executives and athletes have in common is their ability (through coaching) to ‘FLEX’ their behavioural style to improve their alignment and empathy with others. They are also able to ‘COPE’ with their own mindset and that of others also.

This is only the start of the process as our experience shows us that success usually requires the ability to call upon all the behavioural styles and mindsets (we can see this in teams that have consistent success).

We can then establish practical and realistic ways for the teams to learn to FLEX and COPE.

People change when there is something to be won or lost

Profiling with a Modern Twist

Recent research and the rapidly changing nature of the workforce means that simply understanding psychological preferences is no longer enough.

with this is mind Spotlight approaches things slightly differently.

The core principles of Spotlight are:

  • People change when there is something to be won or lost
  • Modern Personality Theory shows that we change across contexts
  • To thrive in the modern workplace it is important to FLEX our behavioural styles and COPE in a variety of ways depending upon the Mindset that we need
  • Therefore its less about where you are on the profile and more about where you can get to
  • Our weaknesses are often our strengths overplayed – anything in excess becomes toxic

So with Spotlight whilst we begin with understanding your natural preferences, we quickly move onto how you might FLEX to connect and COPE in order to thrive

Spotlight for Teams

SpotlightTEAMS features:

  • Captures the team’s level of ‘psychological safety’ – a fundamental element driving high levels of team performance
  • Explores the key team dynamics that drive performance, engagement and effectiveness
  • Provides a strategic plan to take the team to the next level of performance

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