Elevating Your Remote
Team Performance

Unlocking Potential

The SPIRIT model comprises of the core elements necessary for high performance –

Strengths – maximising and leveraging your natural strengths

Presence – staying in the moment and focused on the task at hand

Identity – a clear sense of purpose of who we are what we are trying to achieve

Rituals – high performance habits that maximise our effectiveness

Innovation – a curious mind able to adapt and change work processes to elevate performance

Toughness – being able to cope effectively with stress, setbacks and pressure

Remote Learning

The SPIRIT programme embraces digital learning methodologies, not just sharing information but using proven techniques for engagement and transformation. Find out more about our suite of  Micro Masterclasses that will support, motivate and inspire your teams.

Performance Profiling

Grounded in research of Elite Sport, our unique profiling tool is used to help delegates get a better understanding of their strengths, behaviours, mindset and performance under pressure.  It also looks at mindset and how the individual copes under pressure.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps to personalise the learning experience for each individual. Providing the delegate with time to deepen their awareness of their personal strengths and behaviours. These sessions can also address their individual challenges and potential barriers to success.

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A Model for Leaders of the Future

The Essence of Spirit

SPIRIT embodies the true essence of Leadership. Our model identifies the essential elements for growing as a leader while developing a high performing team.

Spirit Leadership

Organisational Impact

Remote teams will get a better sense of contentedness helping them to perform under pressure

Remote teams will become more confident decision makers

Remote teams will learn to develop their adaptability which has a proven performance impact

Remote teams will become more creative and strategic thinkers

Remote teams will learn presence, productivity and focus

Remote teams will become more resilient and balanced

SPIRIT Combines the Power of Productivity with the Science of Adaptability to create High Performing Remote Teams

Spirit Leadership

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