Awaken Your Spirit

We support leaders and teams to awaken to the unconscious beliefs and behaviours that limit potential and help create more Conscious Leaders who encourage collaboration and curiosity, increasing performance, creativity and wellbeing.

We believe that each individual has an untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.

The Spirit Model

Grounded in the latest research in neuroscience; positive psychology and elite sport, our SPIRIT programme is designed to unlock this potential and accelerate the performance of your leaders. Our model identifies the essential elements for growing as a leader while developing a high performing team. Leaders of the future need to be able to lead themselves effectively in order to cope with the high demand, instant result nature of business. They also need to inspire, connect and lead others towards high performance. SPIRIT embodies the true essence of Leadership.

Its not about who you are but who you can become

Spirit Leadership

Blended Learning

The Spirit programme incorporates a blended learning approach with a digital platform containing all course material as well as bonus video footage, articles and exercises to reinforce the learning and provide a resource for delegates to access in their own time.


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Performance Profiling

Grounded in research of Elite Sport, our unique profiling tool is used to help delegates get a better understanding of their strengths, behaviours, mindset and performance under pressure.  It also looks at mindset and how the individual copes under pressure.


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Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps to personalise the learning experience for each individual. Providing the delegate with time to deepen their awareness of their personal strengths and behaviours. These sessions can also address their individual challenges and potential barriers to success.


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"Declan had 100 lawyers of all ages and levels of experience on their feet participating in an interactive, engaging and thought provoking presentation. An excellent coach"
Katherine Kane, Law Society
"Ciara helped me to navigate my progression in Leadership, she facilitated clarity and focus to enable me to reach my goals"
Jason Poonoosamy - Managing Director DMS Governance
"Declan has an incredible ability to connect and engage people, its obvious he practices what he preaches which makes him a more personal relatable performance coach"
Team Leader, Bank of Ireland
"Thank you Declan for an invaluable discussion on High Performance, I have no doubt the session will prove invaluable to the team"
Manager, Allen Vault
"I attended an excellent seminar with Ciara in Dublin, she teaches how important it is to change the old habits! She is a great high performance coach"
João Altenfelder, Finance Director, Mazars Brazil