Leadership Training Programme
6 Month Blended Coaching Programme Developing Your Talented Leaders

Unlocking Potential

Rather than focus on the day to day task management and problem solving, the leaders of the future need to create a culture of commitment, collaboration and team alignment, while managing stakeholder relationships and planning for the future. We will accelerate your leader’s development through a blended learning process that will challenge them to perform at their best while supporting them to grow and align their team. Leaders of the future need to be able to lead themselves effectively in order to cope with the high demand, instant result nature of business. They also need to inspire, connect and lead others towards high performance. Our blended learning process will ensure participants are challenged and engaged to not only grow but to grow others too.

A Model for Leaders of the Future

The Essence of Spirit

SPIRIT embodies the true essence of Leadership. Our model identifies the essential elements for growing as a leader while developing a high performing team.

Spirit Leadership

Organisational Impact

Leaders will be better equipped to perform under pressure

Leaders will become more confident decision makers

Leaders will gain the skills and knowledge to transfer this learning to their own teams.

Leaders will become more creative and strategic thinkers

Leaders will learn presence, impacting clarity, focus and personal effectiveness

Leaders will become more resilient and balanced

SPIRIT is a Conscious Leadership Approach to High Performance

Spirit Leadership

Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps to personalise the learning experience for each individual. Providing the delegate with time to deepen their awareness of their personal strengths and behaviours. These sessions can also address their individual challenges and potential barriers to success.

Performance Profiling

Grounded in research of Elite Sport, our unique profiling tool is used to help delegates get a better understanding of their strengths, behaviours, mindset and performance under pressure.  It also looks at mindset and how the individual copes under pressure.

Blended Learning

The Spirit programme incorporates a blended learning approach with a digital platform containing all course material as well as bonus video footage, articles and exercises to reinforce the learning and provide a resource for delegates to access in their own time.

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