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Effective Remote Learning

Spirit Masterclass Sessions

Our SPIRIT programme is tailored to support employees during these unprecedented times of change. Your teams are facing an unprecedented challenge of navigating work in a crisis scenario. The learning process therefore needs to be short, sharp, insightful with maximum impact.  Therefore our programme is delivered by way of “micro-sessions” – a 20 minute masterclass with a Question and Answers session at the end of each session. Participants will also be given worksheets and additional resources to support their learning. These sessions will help support managers and their teams to be able to do their job and move from the survival zone into the thriving zone.

Masterclass Session Outlines

Managing Well-being for Increased Productivity

The connection between personal well-being and productivity are intrinsically linked. When our health and well-being is not at its best, we cannot work effectively.

You can live with less stress, greater well-being, and enhanced productivity by learning how to make small changes to your daily habits. Discover how to go from coping and surviving to actually thriving.

  • Reduce Stress & anxiety
  • Managing the Monkey Mind
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • Collaboration & Communication

Managing the Team Remotely

Many leaders damage their remote teams performance daily without realising it. From lack of self awareness of how they personally effect the team’s performance to lack of systems and processes to enable the team to do their role effectively. This session will help you ensure your team are thriving and the work is progressing without turning into a micro-manager. It will share ways to stay connected, to encourage personal responsibility, to enable autonomy and ensure accountability.

  • Giving Clarity and Direction
  • How much accountability and transparency
  • Communicating in Balance
  • Managing Workloads and Expectations

The Productive Mindset

If you want to boost your productivity in a lasting way, you need to change the way you look at your time and your tasks. Its time you challenged outdated assumptions and un-useful patterns of behaviour and moved forward with a growth mindset for getting more done.

  • Challenging beliefs and un-useful behaviours
  • Breaking old patterns
  • Thinking clearly and constructively
  • Planning to get it done

Staying Positive & Finding Balance WFH

Balancing work and life has become even more difficult when we are trying to work from home and manage under unprecedented circumstances. In this session we will share some smart strategies to help you focus when you are at work and be present with family when work is done or simply have time out to yourself and learn how to switch off.

  • Managing Mindset
  • Habits that will help you cope, Habits to drop
  • Managing the environment
  • Staying motivated

Productivity Strategies to keep you Focused

Staying focused is more challenging than ever with the distractions of home. In this session you will learn a number of productivity techniques that you can use to help you prioritise and focus.

  • Using the Eisenhower matrix to sort priorities
  • The Pomodoro technique to manage energy and focus
  • The Action Priority Matrix for Project Planning

The Science of Adaptability – Thriving in Uncertain Times

In this module, we look at how focusing on developing your adaptability can help you thrive in uncertainty. Research shows the link between adaptability and an uplift in performance, mental health, and relationships. Content covered as follows: –

  • What is Adaptability?
  • The benefits and impact of adaptability
  • How do I develop my Adaptability? A framework for practical application.

 The High Performance Mindset

Taking lessons from the latest research in elite sport, we look at mindset models and techniques that enable us to be comfortable in chaos and manage the challenge of uncertainty more effectively. Participants will learn the following: –

  • How does pressure effect the body?
  • How do the elite manage high pressure scenarios and what learnings can we take from this?
  • Frameworks for practical application

Managing Remote Performance

In this module, we look at the challenge of managing high performance in remote teams. We focus on understanding and knowing your team members and their preferences so that we can develop clear and effective communication strategies. Participants will learn to: –

  • The key ingredients for high performing teams
  • Understanding your team members preferences
  • High impact communication
  • Frameworks for practical application

Resilience – Learn to Surf the Waves of Uncertainty

Bringing you the latest insights into resilience, this module will help you understand how you currently experience setbacks and success. Developing a toolbox of practical strategies to develop your personal resilience and help you cope more effectively with the challenges of today’s world.

  • Understanding our personal stress response
  • Identifying coping strategies
  • Building your resilience action plan
  • Frameworks for practical application

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